Yes, I’m ready to start earning $20 to $60 per email OPEN while building an audience of loyal followers who will buy anything and everything I release. I can do this working from home, or just about anywhere in the world in as little as 30 minutes a day… without spending a dime on advertising.

Here’s what you are getting: Access to an online version of my $6,000 a weekend mastermind delivered over the course of 6 weeks, which will show you exactly how to build a six figure email business even if you don’t have an existing list.


If you currently have a list which gets at least 500 opens, then you will be able, in just a few weeks time to start launching campaigns which will generate $20 - $60 for every email open. Yes, I said OPEN.


Here is what you are going to learn over the 6 weeks starting Monday 22nd February 2021


  • How to build an email list of loyal fans that will buy anything and everything you release, and how to get them to actually want to receive email from you.

  • The secret to emailing your list every single day and building an ever increasing stream of profits as your list increases, and how this whole process takes less than 30 minutes a day.

  • The two very different techniques I use in my daily emails to bring in steady daily income, and huge windfalls every four to six weeks.

  • The conversational story system I have built over several years that makes writing emails simple. If you can write at a basic high school level then that is all you need. You don’t need to be a great writer and don’t have to know a single iota about copywriting to get this working for you.

  • How to get started without ever having created a single product. I will show you exactly what you need to do, what you need to focus on, and how to do it quickly and painlessly.

  • How to write daily emails even if you absolutely hate writing. The fact is most people hate writing. All of my consulting clients have hated writing when they started with me, but after a few short days, it turns around and becomes fun. Most of my clients now find that the 30 minutes a day they spend writing is the most enjoyable part of running their business.

  • You will learn how to generate hundreds of ideas for stories every day even when you are out walking the dog, having dinner, or hanging out with friends at the bar, and how to choose what type of story to share, and when.

  • I will show you how to turn around old and stale list,  into a highly responsive list of buyers in just a few short weeks. I will show you how I took a dead list of 6,000 addresses which I hadn’t mailed for over 6 months, had an open rate of 3%, into a list with an open rate of 20% in a just a couple of weeks.

  • I will show you how I took that list, and in less than a month got 40% of the list to buy one of three products from me, generating $41,000 in profit. $41 fucking grand from a dead list.

  • You will learn my simple and effective rapid bonding technique that will get brand new subscribers, or old leads to actually want to open and read your emails, and people who are never going to buy from you to leave (this is a very important lesson).

  • I also want to give you a masterclass on storytelling. Storytelling is this single most important lesson you can learn, because storytelling means you never need to learn copywriting, ever.


    In this lesson I will show you how to structure a story you can use throughout the whole Trifecta Campaign (more on that in a minute). What types of stories work best, and I will give you a whole bunch of ideas to run with. I know story telling might sound hard but believe me once you see exactly what I mean, this (just like my consulting clients) will be an enjoyable part of the day.

  • I will teach you every single detail of my Trifecta Campaign that is probably the most profitable campaign structure I have ever designed. It doesn’t require any complicated funnels, long sales letters, videos, or any copywriting skills. 


    This campaign will generate between $20 - $60 or even more for each and every EMAIL OPEN your list gets on average. So if you send out an email, and get a thousand opens, the two-week campaign WILL bring in $20,000 to $60,000, each and every time you run it.

  • I will show why you don’t need one time offers, up-sells, or down-sells to make these kind of numbers, and why I do one thing in my Trifecta campaign that no one would ever do (because they think it would hurt sales), but it actually increases them.

  • The Berne Reaction: This is a three part method I use as part of the Trifecta Campaign to generate excitement and answer any doubts the potential customer might have. This deep psychological technique isn’t taught by any of the guru’s out there, but is one of the most powerful methods you can generate sales. I was taught this by a child psychologist a couple of years ago and have been incorporating it into my Trifecta Campaign ever since.

  • And finally where would we be without getting the actual sale. I will show you my ‘Riptide’ order page that I use on most of my products that takes away the need for a long and complicated sales letter, video sales letter, or series of launch videos. This is battle tested, high converting, works with most products, and you can be up, live, and taking orders in just a couple of hours, even if you have never done this before.

This Renegade Email system can be run in almost any niche whether it is information products, physical products, financial advice, or even if you run a retail store. One of my clients has a physical retail business selling high end BBQ’s and turns over millions of dollars a year using these Renegade Email techniques.

Throughout the course I will be sharing with you dozens of examples of real campaigns, showing you exact emails that have been sent, and sharing with you some of my most profitable emails ever, one of which made $31,000 in the first two hours of sending it with no pre-sale, notifications, VIP, ads, or anything.


Now one final thing. A bonus if you may…


Not everyone has a list, and everybody at some point started from nothing. 


So, I want anyone to be able to take part in this course. If you don’t have a list at the moment then sure, you won’t be able to run the Trifecta Campaign right away but you will learn from the beginning the right way to do things, and in a way you will be better off for this.


But I also want you to go out there and build a loyal list of fans. 

So to make that happen. As part of the course I will be releasing a bonus module just on building lists from scratch. This is everything I have ever learned about list building condensed into a few hours of training and a ton of support material to get you on your way.


I will also be showing you a live example of how I built a brand new list, in a market I am not involved in and have no reputation in, without using social media, and spending no money at all.


I have helped many of my client build their lists over the last couple of years, and I will be sharing what they did, the techniques they used, and I will show you how to do it without spending on ads (in-fact this is probably the best way of generating high quality list members initially)


So, I am sure you are going to ask… what about a guarantee?


The answer is I am not giving one. I have taught this to my coaching clients who pay me $15,000 a year. I have taught this on weekend training masterclasses for $6,000 a pop, and now you are getting a one, and one time only chance to get this training for $299.


If you don’t think this is valuable or are just curious then this is probably not for you. I want people who are actually going to use this to get one of the limited spots that are available. 


I want people to access this workshop because they want to take part, I want people to join in the Q&A sessions and not just lurk, I want people who are willing to do the work and either build a brand new business or use this to massively increase sales in their current business.

I want people at the end of the course to give me an honest testimonial. Because quite frankly most people are shocked how well this works.


So there you go, slight downer over, but if you want to take part in this six week workshop and Q&A sessions, and get access to all the extra resources that come along with this course then you need to act fast. There are only 100 spots available, and I will never be teaching this online again.


Once they are gone, they are gone. No marketing bullshit here, and the reason I am doing this is.


1. I will only be teaching this as a physical weekend again. This is a $6,000 a head event and I want as many success stories and testimonials as I can get.

2. I am going to give everyone who takes part in this course my personal email address to ask any questions they might have that they can’t ask in a Q&A session.

3. I will be offering Zoom video calls to anyone who needs them throughout the course, and doing this with more than 100 people would be impossible.

So, if you want access then you need to claim your spot right now, and you can do that by hitting the button below.